Launching Your Design Career at TDS – Alice Wakefield

6th November 2023
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At TDS, we’re always interested in meeting creative young designers and students who share our passion for design and we work hard to meet and help develop the best new talent. In this blog, we’d like to share the experiences of our recent recruits as they look back over their introduction to TDS and their first year as part of the TDS team.  And if this sounds like the sort of career launch that appeals to you – get in touch!

Alice Wakefield, Junior 3D Designer

Q1: What’s your background and where did you study design?
“After taking a gap year travelling south-east Asia before I started my degree course,  I chose to pursue design as all of my prior studies had been highly academic and I wanted the opportunity to combine this with a creative discipline. I studied Interior Architecture at The University of Lincoln (UK) and gained a First class degree.”

Q2: How did you first get involved with TDS?
“I was recruited by Tom Johnson, TDS’s Associate & Creative Director. At the time I was in my final year, at Lincoln University  – Tom had also studied there and has connections with the university’s careers team. The role he outlined really appealed to me as there is a strong focus on 3D design, which is an area I wanted to improve upon.”

Q3: How did your role begin with TDS?
“I started training through one-to-one tutorials to understand the basics on 3D-modelling as the software was new to me. Quite soon I was thrown in the deep end and was working on projects for a number of European airports and this included doing live design with senior designers.”

Q4: How has your first year been?
“So far, I’ve enjoyed seeing the projects go from nothing to photo-realistic visuals and knowing that I contributed to that. It’s been nice to have a mixture of long and short projects too. We recently completed a huge submission for retail design at a number of Spanish airports and, although huge and challenging, it was an inspiring project to work on as there was a consistent, coherent design concept running throughout all of the different airports.”

Q5: What’s the next step in your design career development?
“I’d like to take on more research based design now that I am confident in visualisation. I’d also like to pursue sustainable design and conservation.”

Q6: Lastly, tell us about one of your favourite buildings.
“My favourite modern building is the Danish National Maritime Museum by Danish architecture studio BIG. The building reuses the old dry dock, preserving the heritage structure whilst allowing light to penetrate the below ground museum. The building doesn’t obstruct the surroundings and is designed to resemble the ships and canals it’s nestled in.”

If you too have an interest in 3D design and would like to follow in the footsteps of Alice, please contact our Associate & Creative Director Thomas Johnson by messaging him on LinkedIn  at Thomas Johnson | LinkedIn

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