Launching Your Design Career at TDS – Sophie Barnwell

25th October 2023
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At TDS, we’re always interested in meeting creative young designers and students who share our passion for design and we work hard to meet and help develop the best new talent. In this blog, we’d like to share the experiences of our recent recruits as they look back over their introduction to TDS and their first year as part of the TDS team.  And if this sounds like the sort of career launch that appeals to you – get in touch!

Sophie Barnwell, 3D Designer

Q1: What’s your background and where did you study design?
“I went to Nottingham Trent University, where I took a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. My passion for design stemmed from a love for creativity and problem-solving. Unfortunately, the pandemic disrupted my plans for a year-long placement, but I managed to do a summer internship at TMV Architects, which provided me with invaluable skills and a glimpse into the professional architectural world. Graduating with a 1st Class Honours degree in 2022, I had the privilege of showcasing my work at the London summer show, where my journey with TDS began.”

Q2: How did you first get involved with TDS?
“The connection with TDS occurred after the London summer show, where I was introduced to the TDS team. What drew me to TDS was the promise of learning skills in 3D design and the prospect of working on airport designs that aimed to encapsulate each country and the culture within it. On a practical day-to-day level, I also liked the idea of the flexibility that remote work could bring.”

Q3: How did your role begin with TDS?
“I started my TDS journey in August 2022, training came with one-on-one tutorials provided by experienced team members. The collaborative atmosphere at TDS encouraged me to ask questions and allowed me to grasp the software quickly and start building from both plans and images. I then started to work on projects with the team and creating live design with senior designers.”

Q4: How has your first year been?
“My first year at TDS has been a great learning curve. A standout moment was being a part of the design process from inception to completion for a major project across a portfolio of Spanish airports, earlier this year. This project was huge, as it demanded creativity and diverse skills to cater to the requirements of each terminal and airport. Witnessing the transformation of our designs into captivating visuals was a satisfying experience. While every day presented its unique challenges, the final outcomes made it all worthwhile.”

Q5: What’s the next step in your career development?
“I’m committed to continuing my journey of learning and growth in the design and 3D software realm. Design is ever-evolving, and I’m excited to keep pace with the latest developments. I would love to continue learning about other key aspects of design such as environmental development and new communication processes.”

Q6: Lastly, tell us about one of your favourite buildings.
“The Markthal in Rotterdam, designed by MVRDV. It is an innovative structure that combines residential units with a market hall beneath an arch of suspended artwork. I like how a design can transform urban spaces, whilst being functional for the community.”

If you too have an interest in 3D design and would like to follow in the footsteps of Sophie, please contact our Associate & Creative Director Thomas Johnson by messaging him on LinkedIn  at Thomas Johnson | LinkedIn

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