PRESS - 2014

22nd September, 2014
The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Retailing is all about open spaces, letting the consumer see and experience the product. Walls have their uses, a display facility and holding the roof up and what about windows? Light is an obvious quality but they are about letting the ever eager public see the goods for sale. So […]

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11th May, 2014
We are going to the Movies

‘Video killed the radio star’ went the 1970’s hip record. Yes, it was a record, certainly not a ‘music download’ into you mobile phone via something called an ‘App’. Life was so simple then…

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16th March, 2014
Sense of Time for a Sense of Place

India is a vast continent littered with cultural gems, which is what has made it so special for a long list of travellers over the centuries. Fast forward to today and it is developing into a global economic power with an extraordinary contemporary culture right along side…

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1st February, 2014
Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits are like souls, similar but not the same. It is a term usually referred to among adults and certainly not products that are for sale in a shop, but why not? Why can’t we have products that are kindred spirits?

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