PRESS - 2015

23rd November, 2015
Material Comfort

The Design Solution based in London was commissioned to redesign the Duty Free area at Pulkovo Airport at St Petersburg, Russia. Here there is not only sense of place to contend with but also different levels of retail such as luxury…

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28th October, 2015
Hail that Taxi at Heathrow airport

There are many ways a work of art comes into being. It can be private or corporate patronage, or just for the artist’s own private pleasure. When we concentrate on corporate patronage this also can be for many things and ego being at the top of the list! For Heathrow […]

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20th August, 2015
Sense of Time – New Duty Free at Athens Airport

The Design Solution architects and designers of the new Duty Free area at Athens airport came up with the overarching principle of “the olive branch” which is the ancient symbol of Athens…

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3rd June, 2015
Airport Shopping ‘Boring’

Expect the unexpected for the facelift about to take place at Rio de Janeiro’s international airport. Architect Robbie Gill, owner and director of The Design Solution says airport retail needs to be shaken up. “Jesus it’s boring,” he tells The Latin America Report. “They (airports) all look the same.” Gill […]

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19th March, 2015
Leader is the Pack

When one is thinking about opening any type of retail operation you have to prioritise various thoughts. Apart from the money aspect of things there are some key principles. First comes property, it’s the most expensive, then staffing and probably towards the end is any form of design let alone […]

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