PRESS - 2018

17th August, 2018
The Design Solution: Tapping into athleisure – a US$350 billion opportunity

Is travel retail ready to run? Robbie Gill of The Design Solution looks at a potentially huge emerging opportunity.

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30th March, 2018
The Design Solution: Creating an experience through airport departure lounge seating

Are you sitting comfortably? Passengers bring a myriad of needs and moods into the departure lounge. For some it’s a feeling of excitement, to others it’s an indifferent business trip. Of course, our feelings towards airports vary and depend on our personal experiences and expectations.

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31st January, 2018
Nick Taylor’s perspective on King Power Rangnam and the official opening

Rangnam article focused on the design from NT’s point of view. The piece looks into out return to Rangnam and the changes that we have noticed, even in the industry, between then and now.

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