Project Description

Injecting a contemporary edge to a classic brand

As a globally revered brand that has innovated for over 200 years, Hennessy wanted us to take a unique new approach in creating a stunning design concept for its back wall and mid-floor presentation space at Hong Kong International Airport.

With this freedom to create, we designed Crystal Clear™ units using a moulded, thick glass aesthetic synonymous with the iconic product’s luxurious packaging. The intriguing mid-floor unit was conceived as the negative object that dropped out of the back wall aperture, creating a stunning visual attraction to draw footfall. Cutting-edge technology is woven into the concept through an interactive digital display of tiered shelves growing out of the mid-floor unit.


Display Innovation






Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong


Retail Environments
Furniture Design
Graphic Design
3D Visualisation
Identity Creation

These shelves reacted with the product as it was lifted or placed back onto the shelves.

“The interactive elements of the store design encourage shoppers to explore the range and discover more about the products and the brand story, including shelf displays that react when the product as it was lifted or placed back onto the shelves and tailor-made content allowing human body movement to interact with information technology.”

Nick Taylor, Director of Design, The Design Solution