Project Description

A celebration of time

Today’s travellers are obsessed with time, and Master of Time provides a luxury watch encounter that optimises their terminal dwell time and drives retail revenue.

Master of Time is a specialist retail concept that celebrates a curated selection of the finest brands in the luxury watch sector – including Omega, Mont Blanc, Tag Heuer and Breitling – presenting each brand in its own dedicated space, supported by expert staff. For each location, the brand portfolio can be tailored to local preferences, thus creating a unique experience.

The concept layout incorporates a luxury-furnished private service area to give customers a degree of privacy when viewing very high value goods and finalising the transaction, adding to the personal exclusivity tone of the in-store experience.


Luxury Watch Concept




Nuance Group


Pulkovo International Airport, St. Petersburg, Russia


Retail Environments
Furniture Design
Graphic Design
3D Visualisation

The store design incorporates wood panelling and opulent furnishings creating a subtly expressed mood of comfortable luxury, reminiscent of a classic gentlemen’s club, yet also combined with a cutting edge contemporary presentation of the product in themed collections.

The luxury and skill imbued in the timepieces is echoed in the quality of the in-store encounter to further strengthen the customer’s luxury shopping experience.

Interior materials are simple yet elegant, creating a stylish setting that makes the product the key focus, with floors finished in polished white marble with a feature parquet floor to the centre.