Project Description

The Venice of the North.

Intriguingly, it was Peter the Great who set in motion the design for the new retail space at Pulkovo. His founding of St. Petersburg in 1703 launched his commercial and cultural vision for a ’Venice of the North’, culminating in the stunning city we see today and inspiring an authentic local character to Pulkovo Airport’s new retail space.

The city’s classically opulent architectural characteristics, particularly the stunning landmark St Isaac’s Cathedral, are woven throughout the store designs – but always with an added contemporary touch. Elements of the lavish opulence of the city’s majestic cathedral are threaded throughout the store experience, most notably the modern representation of the golden dome of St. Isaac’s. The dome shape is subtly contemporised and presented in a range of interior finishes to act as beacons and create category ‘hearts’ across the store.



Duty Free Store




13.3 million






Store Planning
Interior Design
Furniture Design
Lighting Design
3D visualisation

The wide, long walk-through layout captures 100% of traffic as passengers exit security, drawing them into highly segmented retail offer that they are invited to explore.

Blending timeless classic design with contemporary vibrancy, the passenger enters a retail space that shares iconic brands and local culture in a seamless experience.

“This store is all about creating the desire to explore. We developed a bazaar-style environment using different colours and different materials to entice people to go and look at all the categories.”

Andrea Belardini CEO of Nuance Europe and Global Chief Commercial Officer


Bright modern fluidity of the design further extended the invitation to explore the offer more deeply. The braded areas express their uniquely individual identities but also share a cohesion that makes store navigation clear and intuitive for the customer.

Leading global brands ensure a steady flow of new arrivals and must have offers. Complementing this, special retail spaces focused on local brands help drive a uniquely local flavor to the offer, including seasonal activations focused on best sellers, supported by powerful use of electronic on-store display technology.