Project Description

Having previously designed the Rangnam complex in 2006, we were intimately familiar with the site and how it operates.

In 2017, we re-designed the space entirely. King Power’s brief was to create a shopping experience that could equal and surpass the very best in one of the most retail vibrant cities in the world. The space comprises of 3 levels of retail and F&B linked by a central, oval void. Customers enter on the ground level passing into a world of luxury fashion boutiques – brands such as Prada, Gucci and Tod’s.

We designed the environment with luxury finishes and a contemporary look and feel synonymous with these world-class brands. In the centre of the space we designed the 80M2 sunglasses store featuring a series of digitised columns, and using opulent finishes such as polished marble, polished gold detailing and slick back-painted glass, with a delicate organically formed lighting ‘curtain’ at high level encapsulating the space. The Second level features luxury watches, fashion, and athletic-leisure, and has a different feel to the ground floor albeit with some common detailing. This floor has a world class Perfume and cosmetics hall of about 2,800M2 followed by an electronics concept store. On the third level, customers are presented with a liquor and tobacco store designed to cater for both tax-free sales and those wanting to buy to consume on the premises prior to an arts performance at the renowned Aksra Theatre.



King Power Rangnam Downtown Complex






King Power


Store Planning
Interior Design
Furniture Design
3D Visualisation
Graphic Design
3D Visualisation

The materials we used were carefully chosen to complement the product categories and brand profiles and, in order to allow the shops to remain the central hero of the experience, their detailing and finishing is understated and elegant.

Architecturally, one of the most stunning aspects is the way the vertical circulation void at the heart of the space allows unfettered views across three levels, showing customers what lies on each level.

The digital angle was one of the key differences between what was done in 2006 and this design. Hi-resolution bezel-free screens were used, in particular in the perfume & cosmetics hall, to deliver both King Power communications and brand-supplied material.

“Customer behaviour is constantly evolving, as is the role of digital technology and its impact within the customer experience, and can only grow even stronger. In my mind, that simply makes the quality of design even more important – it must be precisely targeted to create a customer experience that is engaging, memorable, commercially effective and sustainable.”

Nick Taylor, Design Director, The Design Solution